We are fully licensed and provide new & old Music Videos ranging from the 1950's to current including many different genres. We offer singles, extended mixes, remix services and more all which are Serato and Virtual DJ ready.

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Welcome to Xtendamix Europe! - the music video download service for Europe. Our goal is to provide video DJs, nightclubs, bars and anywhere else that uses music videos with a wide range of high quality videos as soon as they are released. No longer will you have to wait a week or a month to get the latest videos - we upload new videos every day and as soon as we have a video you will be able to download it. For many videos we remove all breakdowns, skits, talking and sound effects to make the video as DJ-friendly as possible and with added mixable intros and outros and remastered audio, Xtendamix is the best place for a video DJ to buy their high-quality music videos. In addition to all the latest videos we have an unrivaled collection of classic videos.

Memberships are available from as little as £40.00/52.00€ per month with no commitment and you can cancel at any time. You can sign up for FREE to browse our catalogue and preview our videos, however, you cannot download unless you are a paid member & have an active membership. Your membership gives you access to our complete library, which is the largest in Europe, and you can download immediately.

Our videos are for professional use only and we are fully licensed by Video Performance Limited (VPL) for all territories within the European Economic Community. Our videos are licensed for use in Public Locations and can be used by video DJs anywhere videos are played, such as; nightclubs, bars, mobile discos, shops, gyms, hairdressing salons etc.

We are licensed to supply recorded music - PPL